Measured results for immeasurable benefits
Take a deeper look at the Symulus Thoracoscopic EA/TEF Surgical Simulator
Connects to laptops and most tablets (not supplied)
Accurate replica of neonate’s chest
Fully synthetic (latex-free)
Integrated posable HD scope simulator
Replaceable insert recreates
esophageal atresia/tracheo-esophageal fistula anatomy
Double soft tissue layer replicates outer muscular and inner mucosa layers
Strong light-weight case for portability and to protect contents
End-user input and validation led to 4 key features:
High-fidelity & Realistic simulation
Creates a low stake, low risk learning tool.
Allows self-paced development of a highly specialized technique.
Facilitates training in both open and thoracoscopic techniques (two models available)
Portable design
Train almost anywhere, and at anytime, so it’s easier to fit into your schedule.
Affordable surgical training shipped to your door
Symulus Vision app
Share simulated operation videos with trainees, peers and supervisors.
Monitor your trainees’ technical skill and progress.
Compatible with laptops and most tablets
(any device that accepts a USB webcam).
User-replaceable inserts
Makes multiple training sessions efficient.
Allows for a more affordable long-term use.
Avoids the ethical, cost, and procurement issues of using animal tissue
Our comprehensive kit
Kit Includes:
• Neonate’s ribcage
• Skin (open or closed option)
• 5 x replaceable EA/TEF inserts
• Plinth + HD scope emulator
• Symulus app (tablet not included)

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Optional extras
Synthesised skin open
(Colour varies)
Additional EA/TEF insert
Synthesised skin closed
(Colour varies)
Additional EA/TEF insert
(5 pack)
Other models
4 year-old rib cage
Newborn rib cage
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